Accompanying program
Malé zdroje, velké vize

Can architecture be ethical and truly sustainable? Can architects work with limited resources? Architects have never had as much responsibility as they do today. We are facing a climate crisis, natural disasters and unpredictable events. Almost 40% of global carbon emissions are caused by the construction sector. We have limited time, money and other resources. It is, therefore, essential to find new and sustainable ways to create architecture that reflects the needs of society, uses available materials, and responds to the local community, economy, and environment. The exhibition, A Lot With Little, showcases the work of architects from around the world who are working on sustainable solutions in housing, education, building transformation and disaster relief. However, innovative projects with these social dimensions are also emerging here. The evening is dedicated to Czech architects who have been working for a long time on the transformation of abandoned buildings, the revitalisation of housing estates, experimental housing or the development of new technological processes and materials.


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