Urban Talks
Noemí Blager, Tapio Snellman a Peris+Toral Arquitectes

The revitalization of a prefabricated apartment block in Bordeaux, the construction of social housing in Barcelona, school building in Peru or Burkina Faso, and 13 architects from the global North and South united by the desire to get the best result from the least possible resources. Projects of different sizes, contents and budgets, and above all, different social and cultural environments, were brought together by London-based architect Noemi Blager and filmmaker Tapio Snellman for the documentary A Lot With Little, supported by Arper. The two filmmakers, together with Barcelona-based architects Marta Peris and José Toral, will discuss how to achieve sustainable, high-quality architecture that has a positive impact on the climate and local communities.


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